Zirconium is known for its strong resistance to corrosion in critical applications where metal is exposed to aggressive environments. Zirconium is weldable and formable and has the melting point of 1855°C (3371°F). Zirconium offers excellent corrosion resistance to high temperature steam and water, and good mechanical strength.

Processing equipment made of Zirconium can withstand highly corrosive environments, including most organic and mineral acids, strong alkalis, and some molten salts. Zirconium is used in Chemical processing in heat exchangers, condensers, columns, pumps, piping systems, reactor vessels and valves, as well as in other applications where corrosion means costly maintenance.

We offer a family of zirconium alloys in ingots, forgings, fittings, plate, sheet, strip, foil, bar, rod, wire, pipe and tubing. In addition, we provide tooling and machining solutions for zirconium and zirconium alloys that can reduce cycle times, increase capacity and lower manufacturing costs.